A Career in the time of Corona Part II

A Career in the time of Corona: Part II

While many companies are struggling in the aftermath of the Corona Pandemic, there are also companies seeing their businesses boom. 

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Life Goes On

Are you one of the people who is afraid for their jobs due to the Corona Pandemic? Maybe your company is expecting to get a revenue hit and will end up laying off people if things don’t improve. Or maybe shut down altogether. Well, it’s not the end of the world.

Life is incredibly resilient and as cold as it sounds, one man’s crises is another man’s opportunity. Churchill realized the value of a crisis more than anyone else. 


There are companies that have seen and will see an upward graph due to the pandemic. In this issue, let’s take a look at some of the sectors that you should consider for applying for your next job, and as usual we will share some curated job recommendations.

The opportunities

Here are the windows that have opened up as there are doors being closed due to the pandemic.

Ed-tech – Schools and colleges have shut down, parents are working from home and need to keep children occupied for the entire day – a perfect set of circumstances to force a lot of parents to try out online learning platforms. And many of them will stick around after the pandemic scare also if they see the value proposition of online education platforms. This will benefit the K-12 players (Byju’s, Toppr), the test preparation players (Grade Stack, Unacademy) and also professional certification providers (Upgrad, Great Learning)

Companies delivering products to homes – with malls and shopping complexes shut down or deemed risky, online ordering sites in sectors like: food, groceries, milk, fruits and vegetables etc will attract plenty of new customers. Big Basket has already announced delayed deliveries due to the spike in demand. Amazon is planning to hire 1 lac people to handle the spike in demand it has seen.

Health Tech/ Medi-tech – Companies that help medical professionals achieve more will see a surge in orders, be it software providers (Practo, Tata Digital Health) or medicine ecommerce players (healthkart, 1mg, medlife) or fitness brands (cure.fit, fitpass). The pandemic will force both the medical industry and patients to throw out traditional mindset and accept technology based solutions.

My prediction is that for these sectors, the pandemic will be the same opportunity that the demonetization event was for fin-tech companies like Paytm & PhonePe.

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