Campus Placement Round 2: The Personality Test

Campus Placement Round 2: The Personality Test

It is round two of the campus placements. Are you ready?

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It is round two of your campus placement. You have successfully passed the aptitude test and now, you are faced with the personality test. The personality and aptitude test falls under the umbrella term, psychometric test. The word psychometric is the measurement of the mind. Through the series of psychometric tests, your innate ability to function in uncertain situations is judged. On the whole, these tests assess your personality, mentality, and motivation. Yesterday, I discussed the aptitude test and today I take on the personality assessment.

A personality test is conducted to understand your strengths and weaknesses, assess your personality profile, and match it with the job requirement. It looks into your work style. Are you a dependable person? Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? The best part of the personality test is that there are no right or wrong answers. It is a means of getting to know you better and see if you fit the requirement they have. I have found articles online that talk about practicing beforehand and preparing in advance. Personally, I feel, all you have to do is; be honest in the test. It is because if you give answers that are not true to your nature, you will be pretending to be someone else. Putting up with the requirement of a job would be quite a challenge if your personality does not agree with it. The easiest way of passing a personality test is by choosing to apply for a job that you are genuinely passionate about.

Here are the three points to keep in mind before appearing for a personality test:

Be Honest

‘I enjoy teamwork.’ If your working style is more suitable for an individual contributor role then do not answer the question with strongly agree. There is always this conflict between choosing the option that truly describes you and the option that sounds better. As I earlier mentioned, putting on a pretense to agree with something that you do not will end you in a poorly matched job. It is also important to note that at times you might not know what a company is looking for in that particular role. Are they looking for a team player or an individual contributor? It is best, to be honest, while answering the questions.

Careful of what you Answer

The questions in such tests are scenarios with answer options on how would you react to it or feel about it? Let me tell you that the option you choose might be used as basis of questions or discussion in your personal interview round. For instance, if you say that you are a risk-taker then you might be asked to quote incidents that very well depict your risk-taking ability. Simply quoting an incident is not that a difficult task but there will be cross-questions and probing, so be sure of what you answer in the personality assessment round.

Get Familiar

The best way of preparing for the test is by reading about standard questions and the purpose of the question. There are websites that will help you understand what is an effective answer and why is it considered effective. Take a mock test and reflect upon the answers. It is a good opportunity to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Also, becoming familiar with the pattern of the personality test will help you make quicker decisions and remove the pressure of time.

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