Campus Placement Round 3: Group Discussion

Campus Placement Round 3: Group Discussion

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Imagine you are about to face a panel of interviewers along with a bunch of your classmates. Whatever you do or say is under tight scrutiny and there is the risk of underperforming, or worse, not being able to participate at all!

Yes, this is the dreaded group discussion round. It is one of the most intimidating interview rounds because the participants generally assume that they have to overpower others by either speaking the most and winning an argument. Actually, both things do not matter when it comes to making a positive impression on the panel. Let me highlight the dos and don’t of a group discussion


Prepare in advance

Fluent speaking is pertinent in this round of interviews as you have other participants trying to steal the time. To get the right flow, read about the trending topics, and keep yourself updated with the latest news. While speaking you will have to make eye contact with participants or panelists. If you think it might be an issue, then rehearse talking in front of the mirror to boost confidence.

Listen Patiently

While you are participating in the discussion to display your verbal communication skill but it is the art of listening that is going to be of real help. Attentively listening to others will allow you to put forward the engaging conversation. Paying attention to what others are saying rather than being assertive will show you in a good light.



A group discussion is different from a debate. The topics are structured in a way that pushes you to choose a side but this is not true for a group discussion. You do not have to disagree with other participants. It is a discussion where everyone is free to make a point and add their piece to the conversation. Do not speak loudly and have an intimidating demeanor. Put your points forward in a respectable manner, choose your words wisely, and acknowledge that everyone has something valuable to contribute.


Speaking at a convenient pace and taking appropriate pauses gets the attention of people than speaking fast. Again, let me emphasize; it is not about speaking more. It is about making the most logical points that people will remember. You do not have to take every opportunity to cram in the information you have. At times, take a step back and give a chance to others to speak. This will show your quality of being a leader and team player.

A group discussion during placements is about leaving the panelists with a good impression. It is a test to see your public interaction skills. To truly shine among the crowd you have display subtle qualities of patience, clarity of thoughts, and courtesy. It is a concise logical point that makes a deeper impact. What if you happen not to know much about the topic? Present your points confidently, build your points based on information shared by others, pick up a known point, and add your two bits to it.

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