Campus Placement Round 4: The Technical Interview

Campus Placement Round 4: The Technical Interview

This is the most important interview for which you should thoroughly prepare.

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We have finally arrived at the most important interview round amongst all – the technical round. This round is designed to test the skills and knowledge that you need for the job at hand. You will need to prepare the most for this round. You must brush up your knowledge, learn the definitions, and practice writing/coding (whichever is applicable).

The hiring manager in this round will judge how well you know your subject. You could be asked to write a binary tree if you are a coder or define a financial term if you are a finance student or write a press release if you are into marketing. Preparing for this round is simply a matter of revision but here some tips:

Do Your Research

Your syllabus is huge and it is not possible to revise everything before the interview. What do you do? Find out the common subjects that the company focuses on during the interview. Ask the alumni, professors for the questions that were asked by the company in the previous years. You can take the cue from the job requirement about the specific field of knowledge they are looking for. For instance, knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Brand Management, DCF, etc. are the keywords that can be prepared in advance. Also find out about the product or services of the company. If it is a fintech company then study the financial services sector, their competitors, etc. 

Understand the Basics

While we prepare for the tougher questions, you will be surprised to know that the technical questions are often from the basics of the subject. Flip your book to the beginning and be thorough with the fundamentals of the subject. A candidate for a digital marketing role can be asked basic questions like define marketing mix, name PPC tools, name the elements of a marketing campaign, etc. Brushing up on basics is always advantageous.

Be Dignified

It is possible that you do not know the answer to a certain question. In such a scenario, do not get nervous. Admit that you are unsure of the answer. Your selection does not purely depend on the number of correct answers. How you handle yourself when you do not know the answer plays an important role too. Admit that you do not know the answer but next time you meet them you will surely find out answers.

Face the interview with confidence and a smile. Make your presence felt with a positive attitude and remember performance in an interview will not define you.

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