Campus Placement Round 5: The HR Round

Campus Placement Round 5: The HR Round

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Concluding the theme for the week on campus placement, we end the series with the HR interview round. In this round, you will be interviewed by members of the company’s human resource team. Making past this round would mean that you are the right fit for the job.

The dos and don’ts of facing the interview are the same as the ones we discussed before so let us discuss the structure of the interview and my suggestions on how to face it!

Part 1 – The Introduction

‘Tell me about yourself?’ This is the ice breaker always asked in a personal interview. It is generally followed by questions on strengths and weaknesses. While facing the HR round, it is important to remember that you are being judged primarily on communication and presentation skills. So, focus on presenting yourself in an impressive way and do not bother much about delving on technical details. That part will be looked after in the technical round. Refer to the linked article below for more information.

Tell me about Yourself

Part 2 – Behavioral Questions

‘Can you give me a specific example of when you displayed leadership?’

‘Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized.’

‘What is the most difficult that you have accomplished so far?’

These are some examples of behavioral questions. Such questions are aimed to measure past behaviors as a potential predictor of future results. It is good to have considered such questions and befitting examples so that you are quick to answer and are able to explain yourself effectively.

Part 3 – Verification

Towards the end, the interviewer will confirm if you agree and are comfortable with the job requirements. Are you comfortable working on the night shift? How do you feel about traveling for work? And other such questions. I suggest, before you say yes to the questions, take time to understand the requirements, and be vocal about how you actually feel. Say if your job requires traveling or working from home then you can ask the interviewer if the traveling or internet expenses will be reimbursed by the company. The salary question is the most important part of the discussion. The salary bracket is generally stated before you apply for the job. If your expectations are way beyond the given bracket then it is wise to discuss in the beginning and not apply for the position. What I discourage is negotiating salary during the HR round. The brackets are fixed by the higher management and the HR does not have the authority to change it. Hence it will not look good on your part to haggle in the last round of interviews.

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