Back-End Developer

Layman Explanation of the role: Back-End Developer is the one who develops core computational logic for software applications on the server side. They work on development Languages, Database, and cache, Server, API (REST & SOAP). Their work pitches in for developing core logic for software applications and information systems.They are also responsible for connecting the content you see on the website to the content management system like Drupal. Backend developers also optimize them for increasing Read more [...]

How to hire for a Test Engineer?

Summary: Software testing can be stated as the process of verifying and validating that a software or application is bug free, meets the technical requirements as guided by its design and development and meets the user requirements effectively and efficiently with handling all the exceptional and boundary cases.  The process of software testing aims not only at finding faults in the existing software but also at finding measures to improve the software in terms of efficiency, accuracy and usability. Read more [...]

How to hire for a Flutter App Developer?

 Summary: Google divulged Flutter application in 2017. Any SDK deals with either Android or iOS stage. What's more, if any organization needs to make an application that both kind of clients can appreciate, at that point it turns out to be twofold the exertion, costs and very costly - what with 2 unique arrangements of groups taking a shot at it. Thus, a need to utilize a cross-stage alternative that will require just one group taking a shot at it and a lesser costly arrangement. It is a cross-stage Read more [...]

How to hire for a React JS Developer?

 Summary: React.js Developers design and implement user interface components for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications using the React open source library ecosystem. These skilled front-end developers are involved in all stages of interface component design, from conception through to final testing.  Standard Job Description:  React is a front-end library developed by Facebook. It is used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps. ReactJS allows us to create reusable Read more [...]

How to hire for a Website Developer?

Summary: Web developers design and build websites. They are typically responsible for the appearance, of the site and technical aspects, such as site speed and how much traffic the site can handle. Web developers may also create site content that requires technical features. They are sometimes known a web designer or full-stack developer if they can do both front-end and back-end development.  Job Description: A web developer or programmer is someone who takes a web design – which has Read more [...]

How to hire for a Mean Stack Developer?

Summary: A MEAN Stack Developer is a developer who only uses a certain stack of technologies to create a Full Stack Application. Mean Stack Developer is a programmer who works on the MEAN stack. He works on the backend as well as the front end of the application.  MEAN stack development refers to the development process that falls within these set of technologies MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJs, NodeJS. In simple words, MEAN stack developers are like JS-based application developers  Standard Read more [...]

How to hire for a Cloud Development Engineer?

 Summary: Developers are individuals who design and create applications or platforms such as software or web systems. A cloud developer is quite similar in the sense that they too design and build products, but – and here’s the clincher – it’s done on virtual systems and clouds.  Standard Job Description:  In addition to the design and implementation of cloud infrastructures, cloud developers also ensure the effective design of business processes in the cloud. They have a Read more [...]

How to hire for a Full Stack Developer?

 Summary: Full Stack Developer is a specialist who takes a shot at both customer side and server-side programming. This kind of programming engineer takes a shot at the Full Stack of an application significance Front End Technology, Back End Development Languages, Database, Server, API, and adaptation Controlling Systems. Henceforth, the name "Full Stack" Developer.  Standard Job Description:  Full Stack Developer makes an interpretation of client necessities into the general engineering Read more [...]

How to hire for a Salesforce Developer?

 Summary: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) i s a framework or innovation that causes us deal with every one of our associations with ourcustomers. What's more, keep all our documentation and business-related notes in a single spot. It fundamentally helps in following procedures effectively and in this way improves business and productivity.  Salesforce is one such innovation, that underpins various arrangements of advancements and permits to make different applications, frameworks Read more [...]

How to hire for an IOS Application Developer?

 Summary (Layman Explanation of the role): iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple company. It belongs to MAC OS family. iOS developers work on developing applicationsspecific to Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad. Main tasks that iOS developers do are with respect to UI, develop the application and publish in the Apple store. There are two development strategies - Native and Hybrid. For example: Let us consider three Operating systems. Say iOS, Android and Windows. Native Read more [...]