Create a meaningful network

Create a meaningful network

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This is in continuation of yesterday’s newsletter. Networking has always played a huge role in professional life and it has become all the more important during the pandemic. Good networking helps you get recognized easily from the crowd.

The world has gone digital during the coronavirus and you need to implement different ways to engage with people. Here are a few more ways to create a meaningful network during the pandemic.

Start a newsletter

When we talk about establishing a meaningful connection, constantly reminding people about you is important. It is about staying in touch. With people spending more time online these days what better way to remind them of you is by sharing a useful piece of information. Share the knowledge you have with others. It is a gesture of goodwill and one good act deserves another. Rather using than a email campaign template, use the generic layout and make it personal. Talk about your personal learnings. Receivers will really appreciate this gesture.

Create Alumni Groups

You might already be a part of a friend group on social media but how about creating a group with all alumni. Reaching out to people with common grounds forge stronger relationships. And if you are the initiator, people immediately notice you. If you already are part of such a group then make efforts to be pro-active. Be quick to respond, extend help, and communicate with people.

Recommend others

All the methods of networking that I am suggesting are based on the rule of giving. When you do something for others you reap greater rewards. Recommending others on LinkedIn is a great way to network. People who read your well-written, genuine recommendations will also appreciate your effort.

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