Derailed Career: What to do?

Derailed Career: What to do?

Corona has impacted careers in a negative way. How do you respond to push back from your employer? Read on to find out.

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Is your employment joining date pushed back? Is your promotion delayed due to the pandemic? Amidst the effects of coronavirus, it sounds like a valid thing but it can turn into a career crisis. What if your employer stops responding to your messages or you are left in the dark about the future of your job? We are going to discuss how you should respond to such unlikely situations.

Uncertainty can make you nervous and it will be difficult for you to function normally, especially under the current stresses. Above mentioned situations call for you to negotiate with your employer and effectively respond.

What are the options of response you have? Responding appropriately goes a long way.

Pursue Relentlessly

One way of showing how focused and sincere you are about the job is to follow up. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are living in desperate times for sure and you might have to take steps that would not be taken generally. You have to understand that your hiring manager may be figuring out how to accommodate you in the company. There might several things that the company might be setting up during the pandemic and all they need is some more time. Be empathetic towards the employer but keep asking questions about the status of the job/promotion. One of the best options that you have is to display patience and wait it out!

Be Eager

This is pertaining to the delayed job offer. Ask your employer if you could start working from home or is there any online training that you can attend. Be eager in your approach. You can even go ahead and give a date to discuss the prospects of your job. It is not always up to the employer to come with ideas, you can contribute too but it definitely is the employer’s responsibility to make a decision. So, by being willing to make adjustments you put your best foot forward.

Create Alternatives

The last resort is to look out for other job options. There is a high chance that the job or your promotion does not exist anymore. With the economic slowdown and multiple companies laying off the workforce, there are many businesses that are shutting shop. The projected job vacancies by even large companies have literally evaporated. This is a set back that companies all over the world are experiencing. It is a bitter truth to swallow especially when you are at the receiving end. But you have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to face a situation where your job offer is not there anymore and promotion is not going to happen.

So, start looking for other opportunities. Activate your network, explore job options, and be flexible in your perspective towards job offers.

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