Do not let Anxiety manage you

Do not let Anxiety manage you

In present times, apart from COVID 19; anxiety is our worst enemy. Do not stress yourself sick by being overly anxious. Fight back! Here is how you can do so.

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India is in the process of unlocking the lockdown. Are you excited? Looking forward to meeting friends in person? Or are you anxious about what awaits you next?

One thing is for sure that life will not be the same at least for a while. The country is attempting to get things back to how it was but we all know that it is not going to be easy. Anxiety and stress are bound to overcome all of us. More so for people who might have lost jobs or income source owing to the lockdown.

How do you cope with the upcoming emotional rollercoaster ride?

Step 1: Express Your Fears

Too much anxiety can give a paralyzing experience. It causes a terrorizing effect that causes the mind to project utterly negative thoughts about the future. Are you losing sleep over negative thoughts?

Get it out! Write it down on a piece of paper. Now when you are done with that look for the extreme statements. I am never getting a job. I am a total failure. Things will never be normal again. Circle these extreme words and think for a while. These thoughts are fiction and you know it is not true. It has not happened yet and the extreme situation right now only exists in your mind. So, eliminate these negative thoughts by replacing them with more reasonable thoughts.

Step 2: Challenge those extremes

When you are thinking negatives, you are acting like victim who is scared and weak. Fight back! Take on each negative statement individually and deal with it. Imagine you are talking to a friend who has the same negative thoughts like you do. What would you tell that person? What practical advice would you give your friend?

Things will never be normal again – Change is part of life and the only thing we can do is adapt to change. If things do not return to the way it was then the new method of doing things will become normal.

We are all good at giving advice. It is time to give it yourself and challenge those extreme thoughts.

Step 3: Be appreciative

Another way of dealing with your worst nightmares is counting what you have than focusing on what you don’t. What is the worst thing that can happen? I will never get a job. Will end up with no money. Move-in with my parents or borrow money from family or friends. Alright. Now, think of the things that you have. You are physically fit, educated, and capable of getting a job unlike many who aren’t. You have family and friends to ask for support. Isn’t that something to be grateful about? As I already mentioned in the earlier point that sentences starting with ‘never’ are fiction. You will get a job at some point in time. It might not be your dream job but if you keep trying you will definitely find something worthwhile to do. This exercise is to abate unnecessary anxiety and enforce a positive attitude that will spur you to be dogged and not give up.

If you were struggling with anxiety then try the steps I have mentioned in this newsletter. I would love to hear about how this helped you in overcoming anxiety. Reply to the email or leave a comment on the website for me to know.

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