Do you have any questions for me?

Q5: Do you have any questions for me?

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Good morning!

We have finally arrived at the last question asked in all job interviews which is often treated as a courtesy question – Do you have any questions for me?

This is my favorite part of the interview. Why? Because for once I become the interviewer and the hiring personnel is the interviewee ??. Jokes apart, this is an important question and by no means should be replied with a ‘no’. You have to ask a question unless you are not keen to take up the job.

Why Ask?

You must ask some relevant questions because:

It is a chance to get first-hand information about the job role, expectations, and work culture.

Asking questions shows that you are sincere about the company and are interested in the job.

And of course, thoughtful questions leave a memorable impression on the recruiter!

To Whom?

Ask questions that are relevant to the interviewer. To the HR manager, ask about the company culture, its policies, facilities, learning & development, etc. Questions to the hiring manager should be about the team, leadership hierarchy, reporting manager, management style, and so on. If you are in an interview with a senior leader then ask questions pertaining to the bigger picture, i.e vision, career path.

Give me an example

An interview is two-way communication. The interviewer is assessing you while you should be assessing the company. So ask politely but do ask questions that allow you to understand job responsibilities well. The questions you ask will depend on what information you require but here are some sample questions to consider.

1. What are the skills you are looking for in an ideal candidate?

2. What are the possible career paths from this role?

3. What are the training programs available for employees?

4. What do you like best about working here?

5. What are the parameters considered for conducting a performance review?

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