How to survive the career during corona?

How to survive the career during corona?

Graduated from college but lost job offer due to corona? Here are some practical steps that you could take!

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The year 2020 is turning out to be a nightmare for most of us and especially for graduates who are about to start their careers. There are several students who did get placed from college and even got a job offer letter but due to the corona crisis, the offer was withdrawn. How do you tackle this unexpected hurdle?

Cut Costs

My first advice would be to minimize your expenses. If you are away from your home town looking for a job in a big city then I suggest you return home for the time being. If you are already living with your parents then make sure that you reduce expenditure and make a habit of saving. For the next couple of months, there might be no job in the market so you need to prepare for the future. One way of preparing is saving and learning to live a minimalist life. These are traits that will help you in the long run.

Do not be Passive

Even post corona, companies will be in a money conservation mode. The job market will be subdued pertaining to hiring activities. And for sure jobs will be less and job seekers will be more. The important question is, how do you stand out from the crowd? You have finished college and have time at hand. So, use this time wisely to upskill yourself, prepare your portfolio, network etc.

Build up Skill

Elaborating on the point of upskilling, how do you go about it? For instance, if you are looking for a job in marketing then you can do an online course or take up unpaid online internships to get a hands-on experience on the subject. Figure out courses, certifications that add value to your CV and makes it more impressive. Due to the corona situation, a lot of courses are being offered free. So, this is the best time to make use of the available resources.


As a student, one might not realize the importance of networking or may feel that it is not for them. But networking really opens doors and it is the secret sauce of success. It is a good starting point for your career. It teaches you new things. At this stage, you cannot step out of your house but there are plenty of webinars happening across industries that you can join. These will be good learning grounds as well as digital world makes it easier to reach and interact with people whom you otherwise cannot.

At present, it might feel like everything has slowed down and there is no certainty in doing anything. But your only survival bet is to keep yourself occupied in constructive work. Make a schedule, follow an active routine and keep at it.

All the best!

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