Is the Cover Letter Dead?

Is the Cover Letter Dead?

Writing a cover letter is not easy and is anyone reading the cover letter anymore?

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A cover letter attached to the resume is a rare occurrence and a further rarity is to find a well-written cover letter along with the resume. I receive hundreds of resumes every day and only a few are accompanied by a cover letter. So, is writing a cover letter necessary?

In my opinion, it is good practice. There is no harm that can possibly be done by submitting a cover letter with the resume provided it is written well. It does add value and make you stand out from the crowd. Most recruiters that I know, do read or at least skim through the cover letter. It is a tool to give extra information about yourself so make use of it.

Here are some samples of common mistakes made in a cover letter:

Addressing to the team, not the person and is very generic ?


Grammatical error ?


This was sent on the email body and the formatting is completely out of place. The language is too casual. ?


Tips on making a cover letter

Let me begin by admitting that writing a good cover letter is a difficult task. You do not want to sound very formal but at the same time you cannot afford to get too casual, you do not want to sound desperate but at the same time, you want to show that you are sincere. It is a tough balance to maintain. So, here is how you can begin.

Refer to Samples

The internet is full of sample cover letters for various types of job roles; make use of it. I do not mean that you should copy the samples instead use it to take a hint. This will give you the idea of the layout, format, and tone of the letter. And this is better than fishing in the dark.

Each Job Application Requires a Fresh Cover Letter

While you refer to sample cover letters, please note that you will have to write a cover letter pertaining to the job you are applying to. You cannot be generic in the cover letter. There is no be a cover letter that fits all job interviews. You have to be specific in describing why you are the person for the job.

Make it about You

The resume is a place to showcase your skills and the cover letter displays your personality. So, introduce yourself, write something unique, and tell them why you are the person for the job. You can even research the company and write your ideas on things that you could do in the job role you are applying for. But make sure that you know what you are saying otherwise it can work against you.

No Room for Grammer and Formatting error

Even if your job does not require excellent writing skills, there is no excuse for making an error in grammar and formatting. Use tools to spell and grammar check. Take help from others to vet your cover letter or if possible hire a consultant to do so for you. There are plenty of sites that will write a resume or a cover letter for a nominal fee.

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