Job Hunt Strategy During Corona Days

Job Hunt Strategy During Corona Days

Should you wait for this pandemic to get over? Should you aggressively look for a job? If yes, then what is the strategy for job search? Find out in the article.

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Current times are not conducive to be searching for a dream job. I am sure, if you are employed you would be grateful for what you have. Given the high rate of unemployment being witnessed all over the world, seeking a job had become one of the most difficult tasks.

Agreed, we are living in unprecedented times. But there are certain sectors that are hiring aggressively; Bio-tech and life sciences, online retailers, and technology companies. There is a rise in demand for growth hackers and online content creators. What demonetization did for Paytm, coronavirus will do for companies like Zoom. So even though you might not have the option to go for your dream job but you can for sure manage to get a job.

Some are of the opinion that one should let this time pass and wait until the economy heals. Now, this is a risky move. If you sit on the sidelines then you miss out on the opportunities. There are jobs being offered to candidates every day, maybe not as many as before but there are jobs still being offered. Sitting by would not help.

So, what is the strategy for job hunt during these tough times?

Send out as many applications as you can

It is a complete, No! This is an act of anxiety. Job hunting requires more of a strategic approach. Right from the keywords in the resume to the job you apply for should point in the direction of your future. Sending out the resume by a dozen and approaching any job opportunity that you come across will not allow you to focus. Imagine being caught up in different rounds of interviews for multiple jobs from various segments. It will be a messy situation to prepare for. Each job profile demands a certain set of knowledge and preparation, your involvement in each of the interview will decrease substantially.

Be a good samaritan

I strongly believe in ‘karma’ and have even endorsed it earlier. When you get a chance then help people to connect. Let’s say, you come across a job opening that you are not well suited for but you know of a friend who does; please recommend him. Looking for a job is not about hoarding opportunities. A good deed deserves another. Connecting people will definitely earn you goodwill and in due time you might end up with a pretty nice job.

Also, recommended candidates have higher chances of recruitment. If a friend returns your favor by recommending you to the hiring manager then be sure that you have higher probability of getting on the payroll.

Use your time wisely

This point is in context to scrolling through job feeds or boards on websites. Simply screening through job descriptions on a website is a time-consuming activity and can easily turn into a time-eating activity. Only glancing through and doing nothing about the jobs is unproductive. Moreover, if you have five job descriptions in front of you that are completely unrelated to each other then it is the time you take a moment and think.

First, decide the kind of role you would want to apply for. In though times that we are living in, the job search has become a desperate act. But my advice would be that you patiently wait out for the kind of job you are convinced about doing. Second, once you have zeroed upon the job role then pick out the job openings that you wish to apply for. Now work on your resume, make it appropriate according to the job description. Apply!

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