Job in the Future: Is it secure?

Job in the Future: Is it secure?

Greatest innovations happen during wars and we are currently fighting one of the biggest wars with a virus. How will the upcoming innovations affect the job scene? Read on to find out!

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Have you heard of Tesla’s self-driving cars or Mcdonald’s self-serving kiosks? An AI invention which at present is at the initial stage but is soon to become the norm. My purpose in explaining this is to elaborate on the effect it will have on the future job scene.

Now, what is the context of discussing AI at the time of Corona? It is contextual and important. We are witnessing the job losses as well as the service industry suffering due to dependency on humans. An example of this is the check out counter at the malls or automated food kiosks that completely eliminates human involvement. Experts predict that automation and AI will take over the service industry at a even faster rate with companies trying to move away from human support.Tesla's Autopilot feature was on during a 2018 crash according to the NTSB.

Automation is not a welcome word because it is another word for job loss. Except for the few top management, automation makes employees feel insecure. But the fact remains that automation is happening and will continue to develop at a rapid pace. How do you keep your job secure? By being the best employee and manager’s favorite? No! For all you know your manager will be the first person to lose his job.

The time is now to start preparing for the future without wasting much time. How?

Become Friends with Tech

The only way to survive is by upskilling yourself on things that are beyond technology. Artificial Intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, virtual & augmented reality are leading the path today. Can you do a course on the above topics? Is there a way to get yourself familiar with tech tools? Then why not begin today!

It is in the nature of creators to move on from one creation to another. But it is the executors who get stuck with the creation and spend all their time and energy in perfecting themselves at what they do. Sadly, any human creation is temporary and is soon headed towards redundancy. For example, remember a time when learning to typewrite was a rage? Well, we all know how the technology has evolved. Now all you need to do is narrate to your device and the system types it for you.

upGrad, GreatLearning, and Coursera are a few sites to sign up for advanced courses, and these days, plenty are available for free.

Critical Thinking

Apart from technical skills, critical thinking. Here’s why. Critical thinking refrains you to perform a task in a way just because it is routine. It spurs one to think reasonably without bias, subjective opinion, and emotions. This is first step towards leadership. A mind that consumes whatever it is presented with and walks on a path just because it is the tradition is part of herd mentality.

Living in a world where technology is taking over mundane jobs, humans will have to become better at being humans. Critical thinking is one of the human attributes that technology cannot replicate. In order to survive, we have to carve a niche for ourselves and that can be done by improving human attributes like critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

How do you apply critical thinking

Approach every situation with an open mind leaving preconceived notions behind

Be objective

Use data

Push boundaries by being creative


Here are my recommendations for things that we can work on to prepare ourselves for the future. What do you think? Please share your thoughts on skills, attributes, and jobs that will hold its ground in an automated world.

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