Job Interview during COVID

Job Interview during COVID-19

What are the points to remember while facing a video interview? Read on.

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In a world deeply affected by a pandemic, the personal interview has transformed into a video interview. This week we covered tips on facing a face-to-face interview and it is appropriate to talk about acing a video interview, which is an extension of the personal interview during the lockdown.

The lockdown has forced you to be in your home. You might have a desk for working at home but this is way different from an office setup. It is not an ideal place like an office where you can comfortably deliver a face to face interview. So, you have to make resources at hand to work for you.

Think in the box

A video interview presents the interviewer with a box or screen which gets judged as much as you do. Obviously you are the most important part of the box but whatever is seen in the screen to the interviewer gets related to you. Choose a less cluttered corner with a plain background in a well-lit room. Facing a window will provide natural light or you can place a lamp behind the screen to light your face. The camera should be at eye level. Place your laptop on books to get the required height and have your chin down.

Make the Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential in a face-to-face conversation. In a video interview, the camera is the interviewer’s eye. The computer camera will have a light flickering which is where you should be actually looking and not the screen. The screen is where the picture of the interviewer is visible, but you have to be looking at the camera. Try recording a video with you talking to the camera and the other talking to the screen, and you will see the difference.

Amp the Energy

Your energy level and intonation are something to pay attention to while giving a video interview. Again, it is advisable to record a video and judge your normal intonation and style of speaking. On Video your normal might translate into dull because you are confined to a box. In case you have to amp up your energy level then an effective way of doing so is by good voice modulation and appropriate pauses. It does not have to be animated but it cannot be paced speaking with no room for modulation. Generally, when you speak, fast people tend to overlook words. Speaking on video, it is all the more important to speak slowly. And in combination with voice modulation, it will not sound boring.

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