Job Interview – Take a Step Back

Job Interview – Take a Step Back

Today we discuss how to prepare for a job interview

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Hi Folks,

I hope you are enjoying reading tips on facing interviews. I understand it is an ironic topic to pick during the lockdown and regressive job market but I think that in the future there will be fewer jobs in the market owing to slower to economy; the competition for each job will be much higher. So, you have to prepare to stand out in the crowd to get a job.

The last two editions have been about facing the interview but let’s take a step back and talk about the few days before the face-to-face interview. How do you prepare yourself?

If you follow me on LinkedIn then you would be aware of my ideology when it comes to finding the right job. I believe that just like how you are in need of the job, the company is in need of a good employee. It is a mutual requirement. So, there is no need to be extremely nervous about the interview. More than finding the right job it is important to find the job that is right for you.30 Of The Funniest Job Interview Memes Ever

Here are my personal hacks on preparing for a personal interview

Research your Employer

This goes without saying. You have to spend time on their website and even social media pages to understand the company. Do research especially pertaining to your field and you can even note down some suggestions on the same. It is like doing your homework. Honestly, it is not possible to gauge the company entirely through its online presence but you can have a basic understanding.

What if you do not understand the industry jargon or company-specific terminology used? In the interview, tell what you know and then ask the interviewer about them. It is completely fine not to understand a few things and asking questions shows your interest in the company.

Get the Flow

All of us are not gifted when it comes to speaking fluently. Here is a thing I would do to prepare myself for an interview. Stand in front of the mirror and give a mock interview. I would just speak random answers about myself or the company. This helps me get a rhythm. Also, I prefer listening to English music (with well-written lyrics) before going in for the interview. Firstly it relaxes me and secondly, it is a process that feeds me words to get in the groove. Some people like reading before the interview and so on. You can try any of the hacks to get the flow of speech.

Ask Questions

Generally, before the personal interview takes place there you will have a preliminary round with the recruiter or an HR representative. Be up front when it comes to asking questions about the number of interview rounds, hiring managers, and any other information that you will find helpful. You can even ask about the generic questions and the topics you should be prepared for. The importance of asking questions during the interview is often emphasized upon. But it is equally to ask relevant questions before the interview.

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