Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

It is an age-old saying that knowledge is power, but what is the power that knowledge exudes?

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Hey Knowledge Seekers,

‘scientia potentia est’ or as we know it in the English Language; Knowledge is Power. So, what is this power that knowledge exudes? Even with all the knowledge of the world, you cannot transform into Superman but you can become Ironman. Isn’t his superpower his out of the world engineering skills (he invented the Iron Armor).

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On a serious note, knowledge is what makes humans a superior species. When you know better you live better because knowledge relieves you of petty worries, moves you to make wise decisions and puts you in a position to contribute to society.

Take the infamous Salem witch trial for instance. Had people knew that a fungus was causing the strange disorder suffered by the Salem residents; there would be no killing of the innocent. Or the knowledge of anti-biotics led to the cure of several diseases. Former is an example of counter-productivity and the latter of productivity.

I say the first step towards becoming productive is to intake useful knowledge. If productivity is the process then knowledge is the light that guides you to it.

So, now you and I know an aspect of power that knowledge manifests.

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