Lessons from History – Winston Churchill

Lessons from History – Winston Churchill

Never Flinch, Never Weary, Never Despair. Call him a war-hero or a war-monger, he did change the course of history with determination.

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Today I am writing about someone who was one of the most impressive and powerful leaders, has been the subject of Oscar-winning movies, and was someone who shaped history. This is the story of Prime Minister Winston Churchill proving hope is the cure from despair.

I write this article with a complete unbias only to highlight the power of belief. For Winston Churchill was the only man who believed that he will not fail. He firmly believed in himself while the skeptics, naysayers, and even the U.S president at that time was unsure of him. And the lessons we can learn of struggling against the odds until we find ourselves rolling on the ground. 

During WW II, when Churchill became the Prime Minister, Hitler had launched the Blitzkerg, invading one territory after another, and Britain was threatened to be conquered. Churchill’s predecessor under the pressure of losing the war had to resign and all this amounted to tremendous responsibilities on Churchill’s shoulder. In his oath-taking ceremony, Churchill made it very clear that under no circumstances will Britain surrender and without victory there is no survival. The message was straightforward and clear – he will not take the easy diplomatic route; he will fight or loose. 

Mistakes are Memories made

Historians recount Winston Churchill as a man who was constantly learning from his errors. Before becoming the Prime Minister during WWII, he was unpopular for his erratic nature and drinking habits. People did not see such a man leading a nation but Churchill, on the other hand, did not want to be defined by his shortcomings. 

He adapted when he needed to. A good example of that was evacuation at Dunkirk. Initially, Churchill opposed the idea of backing off from Dunkirk but was soon convinced that this is the only option. The evacuation operation at Dunkirk saved more than 3 lakh military lives.

Stronger Together

I am not campaigning for Hillary Clinton :). This quote befits the approach Churchill took during the war. He knew that Britain cannot withstand Germany without the cooperation of allies, so he built alliances. He understood the importance of strength in unity. On the brink of losing the war, some wanted to establish a cordial relation with Germany, but not Churchill.  He believed that the only safe way forward was to make Hitler believe that there is no way he can beat them. And the only way to do so was to fight it out. It was with the support of his predecessor, Neville Chamberlain; who rarely agreed to Churchill’s policy that decision to keep fighting was taken. The leadership of Churchill was based on the courage he displayed and earned convictions of not only Britain but also leaders of other nations.


Face it!

Churchill and his policies are a subject of debate and no matter which side of the debate you choose, you have to agree with the fact that he dealt with challenges fearlessly. That is a rare attribute to display when you are threatened. All of us are amidst the pandemic storm and economic slump, but there is nothing that can gained by being fearful. You do not know the future but you can at least be determined to keep moving forward without fear.

Realize the Strength of Others

Ask for help. If you have lost a job or is going through any difficulty, speak up. Let others know and do not be shy of leaning on others. Team up against the odds and the possibility of emerging victorious will double.

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