Motherhood does not mean the end of your career!!

Motherhood does not mean the end of your career!! 

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Hey Mommies,

Congratulations on motherhood!!

You are probably wondering why I am wishing you. Well, because I am sure becoming a mother is the best thing that has happened to you.

But motherhood does not have to be the end of your career. Post-pregnancy I could not imagine staying away from my child for 8 long hours so I choose to work from home. I have been working from home for 3 years now and it has allowed me to enjoy my child’s various phases and be there for him at every step.

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The biggest challenge you may be facing right now – is finding work from home jobs that are worth taking up. The ones with a fair compensation plan that allows you to maintain a work-life balance. Let me share a few go-to platforms with viable options for you to consider.

Opportunities to break your break!!

According to an Economic Times report, there are several companies looking to hire women who are making a comeback to the workforce. In fact, they are policies put in place to attract women. I have listed below a few sites that a young mother will find helpful in searching for a second chance.

1) Jobsforher An online job portal only for women. The site has a variety of job options from full time to part-time jobs. They even have reskilling programs and mentor service and diverse job opportunities from progressive startups (I found my current job here).

2) Tata second career – A platform that allows women to resume their professional journey after a hiatus. It is an initiative by the Tata group specially designed to make the onboarding process of women returning from career break smoother, more efficient.

3) Flexing It An online aggregator connecting professionals and consultants with organizations. The website has curated project-based work opportunities for freelancers with a flexible work schedule offering short term part-time projects.

4) Wishup: An online platform that provides virtual assistants for entrepreneurs, small business and professionals. Individuals who are willing to resume work after a career break are also considered. They can work for an international clientele in several fields including project management, talent acquisition, social media management, and research.

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