Networking during COVID-19: Part II

Networking during COVID-19: Part II

What steps do you take in order to build a professional network?

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We continue where we left yesterday, how to expand your network during the corona days. Building a strong network will be a safety net that you can leverage in tough situations.

In the preceding article, I mentioned two arenas to network, and today I am going to list the steps you must take for networking. Without wasting many pixels, let’s define actions to be taken.

Reconnect with your network

You might not be in touch with everyone in your contact list. Over time people tend to lose touch but the pandemic has given us an opportunity to dig up the old contacts and catch up with them. These could be college friends, previous company employees, ex-managers etc. Re-engage with them and even otherwise now is a good time to remember old friends.

A word of caution, if you have a favor to ask; do not start your conversation by asking the favor. Work up the conversation. You can even wait for a few days before you ask them to help you.

Meet new people

Now, how do you do that amidst the pandemic? Simple, reach out to people on the social media platform. I am talking about professional networking. Generally, we connect to people with common grounds but in order to expand your network and explore opportunities, connect with the ones that were not there before, send requests to people without common grounds but with purpose. For instance, the hygiene and the retail industry is doing very well today. At present, you do not have connections with anyone in the aforementioned industries but now is the time to approach them. You can directly approach the HR or a senior manager to connect or you can even ask them for mentoring support. Most industry bigwigs in prominent positions look forward to mentoring eager learners.

Upgrade your online presence

Speaking of expanding networks on an online platform, it is pertinent that your social media account is in good shape. LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to connect. Spend time in updating your profile and filling in the right details that you want your connections to notice. Read some of my previous articles below on creating an amazing LinkedIn account.

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