Networking during COVID-19

Networking during COVID-19

Professional networking is a necessity. You have to put yourself out there irrespective of you are looking for a job or not.

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The country is unlocking the corona imposed lockdown, corona cases are on the rise and the employment sector is struggling. Well, It is a tough situation to be in. While there is not much you could do about the virus, here is something you could do. Build your network.

Now, why is building a network important? The network that will refer you for jobs, introduce you to people and collate with you. It the well built professional relationships that will take you places. And being an introvert is not an impediment to networking. You do not have to bring a 360-degree change in your personality to become good at networking.

Networking during the pandemic is mostly facilitated through online platforms.

The LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform to connect professionally and my growth story is a testimony to that. I owe acquiring clients, customers, and business partners to having a strong network to LinkedIn.

Building your network in this platform relies on two factors; consistency and credibility. Be consistent in expressing your thoughts, showcasing your work, and reaching out to people. A regular effort is realized quickly than a sparse one. The other important factor is credibility. For this, you need to build your profile well. A good display picture, summary, testimonials, etc prove how credible a person you are. People are comfortable trusting people who have a well-built profile and it also displays a part of you.

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This is another way of networking these days. There are possible webinars happening every day amidst this lockdown and it involves some big names in the industry. While you attend these events for gaining knowledge but you can use the event to expand your network.

At times, speakers share their contacts at the end of the show. Make a note and drop a message. You can simply introduce yourself, ask their opinion on a project, or even pick their brains on a topic.

The other way is to be proactive during the webinar. Ask questions, participate, and make your presence felt. It is a good method to get noticed and build a rapper with the speaker.

Lastly, you can even ask the organizer to share contact details or help you get in touch with the guests. Once you get the contact details, be sure to follow the first method of networking mentioned above.

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