Networking is not dead

Networking is not dead!

Here are some out of the box ideas for networking during the pandemic.

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Career growth is highly dependent on how strong a professional network you have. We are right now amidst a crisis where everyone is home, practicing social distancing, and meeting people has become a challenge.

This week I am focusing on the topic of networking during COVID days and so far I wrote about areas to network and steps you can take. In this article, let us think outside the box.

Before starting, here is something that you should not do – Do not drop an impersonal message. Networking is about building a meaningful connection. Also, right now people are bombarded with messages so do not lose the valuable opportunity to connect with someone by sending a generic message that does not tell the person why you want to connect.

Networking is more than numbers of followers and connections. Today we will dig in the bunch of people we already have in our list and try to establish a meaningful relationship. So, how do you begin?

Host a virtual meet up

Yes, this requires taking initiative. You must have many connections and friends from your industry in your social media. Why not host an online meeting for catching up and discussing the latest trends. Generally, people prefer joining webinars for virtual meet-ups but you do not have much say in those. You can set a time and send invites to a couple of people for a get-together. Not everyone will respond but some who do are more likely to convert to a valuable connection.

Tag others

Here is another tip for creating a meaningful connection. Ask your connections for inputs on the content you create for your social media page and then tag them. It is a good way to appeal to a wider audience because your post gets higher visibility. And it is a constructive method of engaging with your connection. Acknowledging others in your post is appreciated and now you have made an awesome connection.

Leave a thoughtful comment

We have become social media lazy. And by that I mean, the way we respond to other’s posts is by clicking a button. Establishing a network will take much more than simple liking a post. Respond to people with thoughtful comments and try to ask a relevant question. A comment like that gets remembered by the writer and it could be the starting point of making a meaningful connection.

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