Overcoming Networking Barriers during Corona

Overcoming Networking Barriers during Corona

The global pandemic has imposed rules and practices that are unsuitable to effective networking.

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Lockdown or no lockdown, networking with people has changed. However, networking still remains an important factor for career growth. You cannot subtract networking from the core ingredients of professional success. So, how do you overcome the networking barriers we are currently facing?

Fortune.com writes in an article that while everyone is experiencing the lull of human company, people might be more eager to connect online with people they might not know from before. Where I am getting at with this point is; say you are looking for a job change or getting your first job. Reach out to people who are already holding that particular job position. If you wish to become an HR executive, send a connection request to HR executives on social media. Tell them upfront that you want to know about the job as you are want to a job in their field. Social Distance is no barrier. You can overcome it but it is more important to be effective in forming long term relationships.

On that note, connecting meaningfully is another barrier these days. Before the corona, people would meet up in a casual environment and spend time to know each other well. But now we do not have the luxury of that kind of interaction. Moreover, a virtual call is not as same meeting personally. It is taxing to be seated in a place and talk for long. So how do you overcome this barrier.

In my opinion, you have to take one step at a time to meet your objective of establishing a strong network. Do not depend on one long Zoom call rather use various means of messages, phone calls, video calls, etc. The second thing to remember is that not every conversation should be around work. Speak on the topics. Have a conversation on trends, latest news, or ask the person how he/she is dealing with current challenges. Add a human touch to your conversation.


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