Pandemic Days: Career Pivoting

Pandemic Days: Career Pivoting

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Last time, I wrote about acceleration to the future as one of the effects of the global health crisis. Venturing out of your comfortable cushiony job could be something you would have considered in the past but the current situation might have made it a necessity.

Continuing the idea of reinventing your career, today I want to discuss hindrances in doing so and ways to overcome them.

Limited by mindset

When one gets comfortable in a job role it becomes difficult to move on to a totally different career path. It is a risk. There are many challenges you will face but the first one to overcome is your own mindset. Even though you want to pivot your career your mind keeps telling you otherwise and creates doubts. This nervous energy is very difficult to work with; it denies you the confidence to take risks. Break the mind barrier, this is the first obstacle to eliminate. You have to venture out of your comfort zone with an open mind and be ready to embrace the new.

Chalk and Cheese

Does reinventing your career mean taking up a job that is contrasting to your previous one? No! For instance, if your employment was as a field sales executive of electronic products then you can look forward to getting into marketing roles or even apply for a job in HR department of an electronic products company. This way you can leverage your learnings and experience from your previous role. At present, IT, online retail, and life sciences are fields with maximum job openings but that does not mean that it is your calling. Take a career route only if you are genuinely interested in that particular field of work.

Money Matters

Most people trying to reinvent their careers face the issue of low salaries. This is because companies often consider a person with no experience in the field they are applying for, as a fresher. Years of work experience in an unrelated field do not count and entry-level salary and position are offered. Let me tell you something out of my personal experience. I agree it is a challenge. To have your income considerably dropped is a tough thing to deal with but in the long run it does not matter. If you are keen to take up a job and change your career path it will be only a matter of time when people will realize your potential and offer appropriate compensation. The career path of today is an uphill climb where the constant motion of climbing is considered stable. You have to keep moving forward and as long as you are able to progress in your respective field, you are on the right path.

In a nutshell, consider the work, people, and organization above the salary during job search. A dialogue from the movie 3 Idiots fits well here, don’t run behind money. Follow excellence, money will follow you.

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