Post-Lockdown: Lessons from the F1

Post-Lockdown: Lessons from the F1

Are you ready to face the post lockdown world? Here is a thing or two to remember while you try to steer life back to normal.

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Embrace change and you might end up with something even better than imagined. I came across this interesting story about embracing change that truly delivered a remarkable outcome.

From Race Tracks to the Hospital

Rising coronavirus cases have raised the demand for medical supplies, more importantly, the demand for breathing aids. The technology arm of seven F1 teams in the UK along with University College London came together to manufacture respiratory devices. The project is termed as ‘Project Pitlane’. Time was of great importance here cause delivering a fully working ventilator was pertinent for corona affected patients. The Mercedez engine manufacturing unit at Brixton was repurposed to produce a thousand ventilators per day. Pooling in available resources resulted in conceptualizing, creating, and manufacturing on a large scale at a rapid pace. This is an exemplary story of adapting and catering to the need of the hour.

All automobile companies are facing the downside of the demand but the above story shows how to turn around situations in favor.

What is the lesson for you and me?Mercedes F1 help develop coronavirus breathing device for health ...

Resources at hand

Even in our personal lives, it has become necessary to adapt to the situation and add in a bit of innovation for making things work. One has to be a thought leader. It is true that at present things are not going the way you planned. But in order to emerge from the sad situation, make the best use of the available opportunities. It is very easy to see the negativity and things that are not going well. But can you identify the path to solve a problem? The herd mentality is predominant but you have to take yourself away from the repressive thoughts and think of turning garbage into gold.

Repurpose Life

Set a realistic goal. Relook at the goals you have set earlier. They might not be realistic anymore. Be active in putting your thoughts to action. The world seems to have slowed down but you do not need to slow down yourself. Even at home be busy doing things that lead you to your goal. And lastly, do not judge your decisions and actions from other’s point of view. Now is the time to experiment, try something new and different. In the worst case scenario, you will not succeed. Well, there are worse things affecting the world right now than failing at a project.

All the best!!

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