Post-Lockdown: Embrace Change

Post-Lockdown: Embrace Change

In the post lockdown time, the only way to stay ahead is to embrace change.

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As we are heading towards the unlocking phase in India, we expect to see a brand new normal life. The usual of the yesteryear will be a thing of the past and we will see a change in all aspects of our lives.

Finding a job has been a concern for those who have lost jobs and for those who have not, job security bothers them. These times call for changing our mindsets. Things are changing and so should we. What changes are we expecting in the job arena? Plenty. We are already witnessing a great deviation from the conventional work style. So, how do you view the work-life differently? Here are my suggestions for you.

Remote Work

In India, a work from home job is not even considered a real job. I have many people ask me where I go to work and I could see the confusion on their faces when I reply by saying that I am the founder of a startup and I work from home. People often are confused because they expect me to travel to a certain place, building or a business park in order for me to claim that I am working. Sitting at home and working is not a job. Well, that confusion is very well cleared due to the effects of coronavirus. Remote working was always been a much-discussed topic. In a digitally connected world, your laptop is your office. And people have started to realize the fact that they do not have to hire an employee for his physical presence. An employee digitally connected performs equally and at times better than the former option.

The world is going online and now the work-from-home jobs will be compensated just like the other jobs. So, if you have lost a job and are worried about job security then why not take up a work from home job. The WFH options will expand in the future and it has the potential to remain unaffected in a pandemic situation.

Skill Up!

In my college days, landing a job in a good company was all that mattered. And it is a direction that still a lot of us think in. Get hired by an MNC and you are set for life. The big brand on your resume will automatically propel you to a secure future. Well, that is the case no more. Grappling with the economic slowdown, business giants are forced to let off hundreds of employees, and the rich of the richest country is experiencing the sting of the pandemic.

The fact is that no one knows the future and the mighty of today can be the frail of tomorrow. So, what do you do? Rely on your skills. An excellent coder when loses a job can start working as a freelancer. The companies are also changing in the way they treated their workforce. They are inclined to hire experts for a brief project and allows the employee to venture out when the project is done rather than finding a new project for him. It is time to focus on skills and being truly good at what you do. And taking up a short term project for a company is not a bad option. Although short term project sounds like job insecurity but in the future, this is how things will work.

Look at the Bigger Picture

These couple of months began with a scary, terrorizing feeling but ended up teaching me an important lesson that I would like to share. While we are talking about changing, I have learned to look at things from a different perspective. For instance, when the lockdown was announced; it was this fear of the disease, pay cuts, stunted business growth, etc. But after a while, I realized that my nightmares are actually a privilege in comparison to the dreaded reality some people are facing.

There are people dying of hunger, walking hundred of miles to home, helpless. My nightmares are only temporary(one can even recover from coronavirus) but for others, life has changed permanently in a bad way. I am looking at the bigger picture now. The option of working from home or taking up freelancing jobs are problems of luxury. The ebb and flow of life will always pose uncertainties, difficulties. In such times, take a moment and look at the bigger picture for answers. Things might not be as bad as it seems. Change your perspective and you will see the way out.

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