Reinvent your career during the pandemic

Reinvent your career during the pandemic

Career growth concern is haunting everyone but let’s look at the glass half full, is this the time to reinvent your career?

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Covid-19 has stalled career growth plans for most of us. Planning a future for your career seems like a challenging thing to do. How do you find a way out of this crisis?

Scott Gallaway of the NYU Stern university shared some great career advice in this podcast. I look up to Gallaway as a thought leader and would like to share my learnings from listening to the podcast.

Galloway makes this very interesting point about the effects od pandemic – it has simply accelerated the future. I found this point extremely thought-provoking. Think about it, most of the changes we see around us, positive or negative did exist in some sort or form and were only accelerated due to the health crisis. For instance, work from home is not a new concept, and hours wasted in commute was a concern for a long time. Companies would have resorted to providing work from home facility sometime in the future but it got forced implemented sooner. Or huge lay off in the service industry was always predicted due to automation and now companies are forced to automate work faster.

So if you experiencing changes in your career then just know it was going to happen in the future. Particularly mentioning two career situations below along with suggestions on how you can reinvent your career.

Case 1: Benched 

There are many who are unsure about their current job because either they have been benched or asked to return to work when the pandemic is over. The obvious question arises, should you be looking for another job or wait to hear from the current employer? A relationship with your company is a give and take one. You are the only one to look out for yourself. There is no harm in appearing for a couple for interviews because resuming your job will depend on things to return to normalcy, which is doubtful. This is a time not to abide by anything and everything the employer demands. You need to consider reality and make a wise decision for yourself. 

Case 2: Stunted career growth

Many who have a secure job are stuck in career limbo. Economic downtime, pandemics etc suspends career growth, and remaining stagnant for a long period does no good for career growth. How do you navigate your career through uncertainties? Explore opportunities. Unless you know the options that exist, you cannot make a decision to steer your career in a different path. And for an uncertain situation that we are facing, taking a different path will be the answer to stability because the world as we know it has changed. Thinking expansively about the career is recommended.  Pursuing higher education is one option. The other option is exploring career areas that are more accommodating and sustainable during these times. 

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