Resume Tips from the HR-Startup Founder

Resume Tips from the HR-Startup Founder

The internet is flooded with resume tips, sample, and templates; here are some points in a resume that impresses me.

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Hey All,

The world is full of suggestions and advice but we are looking for that one piece of advice that really works. Authentic advice can only come from real-life experiences and in line with this week’s theme of resume; I find it only appropriate to share my insights on writing a good resume.

By the virtue of being in the field of talent acquisition for a decade, I have reviewed thousands of resumes. And here are the two things in a resume that really appeals to me.

The One Pager Resume

The first thing I look for in a resume is its length. Now, it is not only about making it concise and crisp but there is much more to that. Keeping your resume to one page is actually a test of decisiveness. You will have to say no to quite a few points and the quality of saying no to not-so necessary things is a rare one to find. Moreover, it requires a good sense of judgment from your part. A text-heavy resume does not mean greater achievements and higher efficiency. In fact, higher efficiency is displayed when you are able to trim the fat and keep it lean applying your sense of judgment. A one-page resume is quite popular with freshers and the experience holders are given the exception. But if you can write a single-page resume despite having years of experience then it is something very impressive and is a testament to the qualities I have mentioned before. I have written about in the past and I want to emphasize the usefulness of the site for making a good resume. I have used it multiple times to make resumes for my family and friends. The reason I recommend it is because the template is standard and simple. It is fairly easy to use and has some customization options available. It has a free basic plan but the paid plan gets you the option to fix grammatical errors as well. I suggest, give it a try.


Being truthful is a respectable attribute and hence I really appreciate people who are transparent in their resume. People who are upfront about the career gap and not so great educational background or even about unstable career trajectory. For one, being transparent will allow the recruiter to come to a conclusion faster, and secondly, it tells about your work ethics. The hiring team will find the truth before making a decision so it is better, to be honest at the onset. The only drawback of being transparent is telling about switching multiple jobs in a short span of time. I agree it does not look nice on the resume. So, you can write the reason for switching the job and it will make your case a genuine one.

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