Stay Ahead of the Curve

Stay Ahead of the Curve

In addition to writing a good resume can you do something else to get noticed in the crowd?

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Hi Friends,

Googlehas launched or rather re-launched some of the most popular and interactive Google Doodles. This is fun cause every day they will release a new playable doodle and I get to start my day on a playful note. (Yes, I am trying my hands on the doodle every day and no they are not a waste of time ??)

Now, on a serious note. Why did a multibillion-dollar technology giant that is into internet services and products invest in creating approx 4000 doodles a year? They even have a team of talented illustrators called doodlers dedicated to creating doodles. Why?

Google answers it the best; the doodles aims to reflect Google’s personality and love for innovation. Here is a company that is built on the idea of innovation and they are leading from the front. Putting a new doodle every day does not generate them any revenue but makes them stand out of the crowd and showcase how true they are to their core value. This is what I call truly staying ahead of the curve.

Now, on the topic of writing a resume; let us explore the new way of presenting yourself via your resume.

Turn your Resume into an Infographic

Colors and graphics are more attractive to the eye than plain text. So, turn your resume into a storyboard. The infographic style of resume allows the recruiter to capture maximum information in a glance and that is precisely the time you have got to grab attention. It is just the thing that will make your resume stand out from the rest. But make sure that the graphic part does not overshadow the information. With all the colors and elements, it can easily get crowded and messy. Remove any unnecessary information in order to tidy up the resume.

I already see a few resumes on the same pattern and I think it is the next thing in resume. While making a creative resume is cool but sometimes it is good to be old school and you have to be the judge to decide which job interview demands the kind of resume. It is advisable to keep a standard resume handy as some companies do ask for a specific type of resume or there are limitations to the format that can be uploaded on their website.


Source: Zety

So how do you make an infographic resume? Consider the tools below:


It is one of my favorite tools to build a resume. Simply because the team behind the scene working on the resumes do a fantastic job and they have a top-notch tool in place to deliver the best results. You can take a quick resume quiz to grade your current resume. You can avail of their services for about 75 rupees per month. This will include designing a unique template for your resume, making multiple iterations, and getting a handful of cover letters written. Even if you are good at writing, I would still suggest getting the professional touch from the experts.


Have you heard of the tool Prezi? It is a presentation software but you can use it to make your digital resume. If you are in the creative domain then it is a good tool to showcase your CV. With Prezi, you can make your resume a living breathing document. This application is only for the digital version and not for the hard copy. Keep a pdf format of your resume handy along with the Prezi resume.


Here is another tool to make an interesting resume. You can choose from multiple templates of resumes. They are editable templates, you can make changes to the font style, background color, and any other element. The tool is very easy to use and free. You can even create your own resume from scratch and add multiple elements and pictures from its repository which do not have a copyrig

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