How to hire for an Insurance Underwriter

Summary: Underwriters are financial specialists who work in the banking and insurance industries, and stock markets. They evaluate, research and undertake a client’s risk for a fee such as a commission, premium or interest.  Underwriters for insurance contracts review any applications for coverage plans, and then reject or accept the applicant based on a standardsystem of risk analysis. Insurance brokers and other relevant insurance entities will submit the applications for insurance coverage Read more [...]

Trade Marketing Manager

TRADE MARKETING MANAGER What is Trade Marketing? Trade marketing is a B2B marketing strategy that is aimed at supply chain partners instead of consumers. Typically it is known as the process of manufacturers marketing to future wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. The goal of trade marketing is to gain partners who will get the products on shelves and in front of consumers. Common trade marketing activities include going to trade shows, offering promotions to potential partners, and building Read more [...]

How to hire for Research Analyst?

 Summary (Layman Explanation of the role): A research analyst is an expert who gets ready insightful reports on protections or resources for in-house or customer use. He/she is liable for looking into, dissecting, deciphering and introducing information identified with business sectors, activities, money/bookkeeping, financialaspects, clients, and other data identified with the field they work in, in this manner bolster the executives in the dynamic procedure by giving proposals and recommendations.   For Read more [...]

How to hire for Business Analyst?

 Summary (Layman Explanation of the role):  A business analyst (BA) is the person who breaks down an association or business area (genuine or speculative) and records its business tasks, procedures or frameworks. The person surveys the business methodology and its relationship with innovation and along these lines goes about as a fundamental connection between an association's data innovation and business destinations.   The business issues can be identified with any field like Read more [...]

How to hire for a Finance Manager (Product/ Services)

 Summary (Layman Explanation of the role): Financial Management is all parts of fund identified with an association, for example, capital speculation, activities, banking and planning. The procedure is expected to boost the incentive for investors by a blend of short-and long-haul budgetary arranging. So, any activity or angle that includes the funds of an association is a piece of corporate money.  Standard Job Description: The thought behind monetary administration is to give investors Read more [...]

How to hire for Digital Marketing Manager

 Summary (Layman Explanation of the role): Digital marketing has its own industry niche where the required qualifications go beyond basic marketing strategies and creative skills. In general terms, a digital marketer is responsible for using digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness.  Standard Job Description: In digital marketing, you can choose to be a jack-of-all-trades or focus on one or two skills to set you apart. For example, being a strong creative individual Read more [...]

Marketing Manager

Who is a Marketing Manager? Marketing covers a vast spectrum of duties within a business, from the promotion of products and services right the way through to analysing data and setting strategy for how a company is going to grow. “Marketing is the intersection of creativity and business” A marketing manager is responsible for managing the promotion and positioning of a brand or the products and services that a company sells. Typically marketing managers are employed to attract more customers Read more [...]

Front-End Developer

Layman Explanation of the role In any web application there is client-side and Server-side. Client-side is where the user interacts with a web application. Here “The client” is a browser like Google chrome, Internet explorer etc.”The server” is a web application server that processes your web requests sitting remotely. Front-End developers develop the client side web applications.They use technologies such as HTML,CSS,Javascript and develop a website or web application so that users can Read more [...]

How to hire for a Credit Analyst?

Summary: A Credit Analyst is a financial professional who is responsible for assessing the credit worthiness of securities, companies, individuals etc. A credit analyst working for a commercial bank will play a key role in recommending a new credit as well as extension of credit through research and analysis of financial documents. Also, a credit analyst is required to collect data about clients that have defaulted on their payments. Standard Job Description: Credit Analysts determine the Read more [...]