The days of our Work from Home

The days of our Work from Home

Confinement to home offices can be challenging for some. Worry not, Unnati is here to save the day.

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How to make work-from-home work for you?


Hey Friend,

Are you working from home these days? Do you miss the buzzing office atmosphere? Are you not enjoying the isolated setup? Well, I get you.

I remember a time when I used to make every excuse from the excuse book to get permission to work from home (my MNC days). And now I am a work-from-home employee at Unnati. Initially, working from home was fun but soon I started to realize the responsibilities that come with it.

If you like working in an office environment then working from home can be dull at times. At one point I thought that working from home is not my cup of tea but with ownership, discipline, and commitment I found my balance.

Do you need help? Based on the personal experiences of the employees at Unnati here are some hacks.

Take it as a challenge to follow all the tips and I am sure your work from home experience will not be the same.

Be a Work from Home Pro

Follow the clock – Even while working from home, follow the schedule that you used to follow in office. Wake up early and complete your morning routine of refreshing and eating breakfast. Log in at the same time every day. If 9 am is the standard login time then make it a habit to do so and also end your work on time. Working from home definitely does not mean to work incessantly.

Be Communicative – While working from home, employees are heavily dependent on communication tools. So, make sure you are online and reachable to everyone. Little gestures are important, make sure to type your please, thank yous and welcomes. Moreover, while writing an email or making a call, be explanative and expressive. Remember, your audience is not physically present and would require clear explanatory communication to be on the same page. Also, be patient. Slow network and muffled voice are technology’s fault and not your colleague’s.


Schedule Breaks – Schedule break timings and stick to it. Do not eat your food at the work desk. This will not only help you to take some time off but also tell your colleagues of your fixed break time so that the work can be well organized and there are no intrusions to your meal.

Be Focused – Being focused while working from home can be challenging. Don’t hesitate to silent your phone and turn off chat apps to complete that write up or report. But make sure to inform the teammates of your unavailability during the time.

Dress for work – The way you dress affects you psychologically. When working from home you want to be comfortable but staying in pajamas is not a good option. Dress in casual wear and groom yourself in a neat look. There might be an unscheduled video call for all you know.

Organize your space – It is comfortable but not advisable to make your bed or the dining table your office space. A study table is preferred. Put efforts in organizing the table with notepad, pens, water bottle, sticky notes, VPN and things you might need handy while you are working.

Avoid Distractions – The Newton’s law of inertia states that, ‘If you’re in motion, you’ll stay in motion’. Schedule a tight work calendar and in order to be able to complete all the tasks stay away from distractions like the TV and unnecessary home chores. Choose a quiet corner and at times shut the door of the room you are working in.

Stand up – Excessive sitting increases the risk of getting chronic diseases by 20 percent. So, please stand up! Take a minute to stand up from your seat and walk around. You can even do light cardio in between. It will help you focus better and feel energetic. At present, work from the home measures is for your safety so adopt healthy practices to avoid any other health issues.